Quotes From Camp

While sitting at dinner last night, I heard a boy from another school say, "I bet my dad that I would lose ten pounds this week!" I wanted to respond with:

Not gonna happen. Especially if you keep going back for extra helpings of potatoes and bread!

But I was interrupted by one of my girls saying, "Lose? I need to gain ten pounds!"

When was the last time you heard a middle school girl say that!!


Each day at camp I get to pass out mail to all of my students who receive it. Yesterday, one of my girls was making grumpy noises while reading a letter from her older brother. She finished by letting out a loud sound of exasperation, saying, "OH! My brother!"

Um, everything okay?

"He's using MY bathroom! He's using MY hairbrush!" She paused a millisecond before adding, "Oh, and his one piece of advice to me...'don't fart in your cabin'! Seriously!!"