Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Tuesday at Camp

For a day that started with a beautiful sunrise, Tuesday sure ended with a bang. For so many reasons! Lots of sick kids around camp this week, mostly from another school, but I had a couple of issues to deal with last night (don't worry, if you didn't get an email from me it wasn't your kid).

After their day-long hike yesterday, they had a little bit of freetime and then it was time for electives. There are usually three or four different electives, gaga ball being the most popular. Usually. This year they offered pumpkin carving as an option and about half the kids decided to participate. That's why, when you see my pictures of yesterday's gaga ball game, the ring isn't packed. I'm sure it will be today.

The gaga ball pit looked much more like a swamp...or a very muddy lake this year thanks to all the recent rain they've had up here. Now, I want you to take a moment and imagine yourself standing in about six inches of mud water, and continue imagining yourself play ring-around-the-rosy in that muddy water. And let's not forget how ring-around-the-rosy ends: We all fall down.

Into the six inches of mud water.

And now, you probably don't need (or want) to use your imagination and think about where all that muddy water is getting.

After a little bit of mud wrestling, it's time for everybody's favorite activity: Hug the teacher. In her fairly clean clothes. I just put my camera up and they'll stop running at me and pose.

That's one point to the teacher.

Not everyone has that advantage, however, and children start chasing children around saying, "Give me a hug!" It's only funny if you're a bystander.

Until you get sprayed with mud as someone goes running by you.


As we were walking back to one of the bathrooms where the kids would be hosed down, I heard one of the kids ask about the blow-up barricades that were set up on Coyote Field. I explained that it was for that night's activity, the best game ever! (which I can't tell you about) Christian argued that there couldn't possibly be a game that was better than gaga ball.

Just. You. Wait.

After a yummy turkey dinner (I do love mashed potatoes and gravy!), it was time for one of the most powerful experiences of our week at camp. It's top secret...can't tell you about it, sorry. But my kiddos were amazing!

Actually, that's been a common theme during our week. I've had so many compliments about our students from both site directors, the teacher naturalists and cabin leaders, even the other teachers here. That's always great to hear!

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  1. Thanks for sharing with us! Hope the sick kids are on the mend.