Thursday, November 3, 2016

A Perfect Beach Day

Unless, of course, you're the poor kid who got sick on the bus. If you weren't, then you got to experience an absolutely beautiful, picture-perfect day on the California coast! It was even warm enough to walk around in short sleeves.

And the wildlife that we got to see was amazing. Unfortunately, I missed the whale that most of the groups got to see, nor was I fortunate enough to see the coyote that Mr. Caban saw. But I did see this:

That, my friends, is a Great Blue Heron! I kept trying to get a shot of him with the blue crest showing on the top of his head, but he seemed suspicious of me for some strange reason. There were many other strange creatures there today...but I brought them with me on the bus.

Besides the delicious pizza lunch at the beach, I think today's favorite activity was jumping in the ice plant. It's bouncy! And it's an invasive species, so the naturalists let them have some fun with it.

I spent some time on my own today, just enjoying the sun and the sounds of the beach, from the waves to the foghorn to the colony of seals out on the Rookery (in the center of the picture on the right). They sure do make a lot of noise. A joyful noise.

Tonight we will begin finishing up our Camp Caritas experience. As I'm writing this, the kids are in their cabins packing their bags and, hopefully, cleaning up the cabin. I wish you all the best of luck with laundry this weekend. Might I suggest that you hold your nose while pulling items out of your kids' bags.

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