Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A Halloween Bus Ride...Sure, No Problem

Greetings from the Day House, aka the teachers' cabin. The kids are out on their first big hike of the week and I am enjoying a few moments of relative peace and quiet. I say "relative" because I'm sharing the cabin with the four teachers from St. Isidore. They are NOT a quiet bunch...fun, but loud. Fortunately, I know them really well as I used to work at St. Isidore, and we've all been having a bit of fun.

While the kids are out hiking, I generally stay in my cabin to try and get some work done. So...about that bus ride. We knew before stepping foot on the bus that it would be a different experience than any of us were expecting, what with having another school on the bus with us. It felt really awkward, but it didn't take long until my kids were singing and laughing. Jazzy having her ukelele on the bus definitely encouraged lots of singing.

LOTS of singing.

The songs varied from "Little Einstein" and "Let It Go" to some of the classics like "We Will Rock You" to, heaven help me, "Jingle Bells." Let me say that again...

Jingle Bells.


It was about that time that I heard a fairly quiet, "1..2..3.." That's never followed by something good. In years past it's been followed by the dreaded, "...Are we there yet?" Not this year. This year it was followed by a wonderful round of "Happy Birthday to Nicole!"

There were several different versions of the "Repeat After Me" song, most of which I didn't really catch. One had something to do with Tarzan and then, of course, there was Bazooka Bubble Gum. I didn't turn around during most of them because I assumed I knew the loud, screaming voice that was leading the cheers.

I was wrong.

Oh, Sutton. There goes my image of you as a quiet, peaceful child.

And there goes Emma putting on her ear muffs trying to quell some of the noise. "I don't think that's going to work, Emma."

Emma: ~sigh~ It doesn't.

After one particularly rousing repeat after me cheer, I heard Christian call out, "Sorry, Mr. Joe!" I'm sure Joe, our bus driver, appreciated it, Christian.

You know how there are some phrases that just don't seem to be in a language you're acquainted with, mostly because it's just that confusing? I had to have Aidan repeat his question to me several times before my brain processed that, yes, he is indeed asking you a question about "impossible graffiti."

"Miss McMillan, this is the bridge with the impossible graffiti!"

The next time you're driving over the Benicia Bridge, take a look to your left and you'll see what he's talking about. Unless you're the driver...If you're the driver, then eyes front!

And yes...this all happened before we reached the Benicia Bridge. This may have also been the time I reached for the Excedrin.

Around 10:00 I received a text from Mrs. Wilson saying, "R U there yet?" Ok, seriously? First of all, we've only been gone about 45 minutes. Secondly, text lingo? Really?!

Right after that began the Hamilton portion of our trip. Somehow this led to a conversation about death, which I realized only after someone shouted, "Why are we even talking about death?!"


The answer followed fairly quickly, " 'Cause...you know...the guy's dead."

I assumed they were talking about Alexander Hamilton. Or maybe it was one of the skunks we passed by in the middle of the road.

You know what you don't want to hear on a bus ride? Besides "I don't feel so good"? You don't want to hear the question, "Miss McMillan, is this dangerous? I don't want to explode."

Mostly, this year was about singing on the bus (although not one verse from the dreaded "The Wheels on the Bus" rang out, thankfully). But not one instance of "Are we there yet?" which totally surprised me. Okay, okay...Mrs. Wilson did ask and I may have thought the question a time or two myself, but no one actually verbalized it. Shocking!

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