Thursday, October 29, 2015

What's This Wet Stuff, California?

When we first got to Bodega Head yesterday, it was a little misty followed by a little drizzly. And the huge, crashing waves roared like nothing I'd heard before on a Caritas Wednesday. The surf was so high that the naturalists even decided to forego the customary walk down to the beach. It just wasn't safe. Here's what it looked and sounded like when we first arrived:

Bodega Head

But that didn't bother us...there is always so much to do and see while visiting the coast. In the video, you can hear somebody saying they saw a seal. There were several of them swimming around in the wild water. At one point I was fortunate enough to see one of the seals jump out of the water...I'm sure my excitement could be heard for miles around. Unfortunately, no one else saw it happen. So, you know...if a seal jumps out of water and only one person sees it, did it really happen?

Of course, I could have asked a similar question an hour or so later when we heard one of the naturalists talking about a whale sighting. Several groups started walking over to where the whales had been spotted, so we hiked over to join them. There were a number of kids yelling, "I see one! I see one!" but it always seemed to happen when my back was turned to the ocean.


Surprisingly, even though it was misty and drizzly most of the morning, it definitely wasn't cold. It sure looked like it should have been, but it was actually a bit muggy. But by the time we left...

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