Thursday, October 23, 2014

All This And A Trip to the Beach

How often do you take a moment to stop and appreciate the beauty that is all around us? I do that quite frequently while I'm at camp, but especially when we go to Bodega Head! In fact, if I had to choose a favorite day during my Caritas week, it would have to be Wednesday. I just love being able to sit and listen to the ocean for a good long while.

The kids get this opportunity also; it's called a solo sit. At some point during the morning, each hiking group will find a special place to stop. Each student will then find their own quiet spot to sit and reflect, perhaps write in their journal or, in some cases, do some drawing. I can't imagine a more beautiful spot to have this special opportunity!

You know you're going to have a good day when the first thing you see upon arriving at the beach is a beautiful halo around the sun.

There is always plenty of wildlife to behold while we walk around the headlands: seagulls (of course), pelicans, cormorants, seals, the occasional whale (I've not seen one yet), hawks, cranes, and the occasional coyote (we didn't see one this year, but there was a beautiful Balto-like dog in the parking lot when we got back).

Lunch is usually brought to us out at the beach: Caritas' own version of pizza delivery! Each student gets their own mini pizza (cheese or pepperoni), apples, carrots, Chex Mix, and plenty of water. It's probably the best lunch of the week. Of course, everything tastes better when you eat it at the beach with lots of great friends!

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