Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Calm Before the Storm

Ah, mornings at camp! It's so wonderfully peaceful while everyone else is sleeping. I don't think we truly realize how much noise we're exposed to while living in cities, both small and big. From the newspaper that hits your front doorstep to neighbors leaving for work to garbage trucks and emergency vehicles, our everyday morning life is filled with sound. I found myself yesterday morning wondering if any of my students find this silence the least bit unsettling.

Of course, it doesn't last long. Eventually, the creatures wake up and start wandering around camp. The silence is broken at first by one or two lonely howls. Not long after that, I'll hear the critters walking by outside my cabin.

I suppose some people might be bothered by the sounds of animal life out here in the wild. But they're just middle schoolers...I'm used to it.

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